Issued Drawings by Miles Sampson BArch

Mol an Oige Steiner National School - Primary School in Ennistymon, Co. Clare

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Drawings are on a mixture of A1 and A3 sheets.

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** Note: All documents are for Review purposes only, unless otherwise noted **

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Drawings - Design drawings
Issue Purpose Sheet No. Drawing Name Drawing Scale Sheet Size 1st Issued Date
Revision No.
Most Recent Revision Date Revision
Review A001 Proposed Site Plan and Sections 1:500 A1 09/10/13      
Review A005 Classroom in Detail 1:50 A3 09/10/13      
Review A008 Proposed Ground Floor Plan 1:100 A1 09/10/13      
Review A009 General Purpose Room 1st Floor 1:100 A3 09/10/13      
Review A010 General Purpose Room Gr Floor 1:100 A3 09/10/13      
Review A011 Building Sections 1:100 A3 09/10/13      
Review A110 Building Elevations 1:100 A1 09/10/13      
Review V001 Axo View from South nts A3 09/10/13      
Review V002 Axo View from East nts A3 09/10/13      
Review V003 Axo View from North nts A3 09/10/13      



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