Our Design Philosophy

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Although architecture has the very responsible role of creating functional buildings, often a variety of solutions can satisfy its requirements. The question then arises, “which option to choose?” This is where architecture becomes an ART, it is something deeper than engineering space. Every architect, builder or home owner approaches this art with a different set of priorities which results in the varied built environment that surrounds us. With the functional needs satisfied (cost, size, etc.) this built environment can be enriched with something deeper than simple solutions. We look at aspects like local history, landscape and contemporary lifestyle/workstyle to thicken the tapestry of our projects. These references appear in terms of structure, materials and form.

furnitureSketch for space saving for sustainable design strategy

Economising Space

With the ever growing pressure on space, both in cities and the countryside, the need to design intelligently is becoming even more important. Simple considerations like multi-functional areas, furniture that has more than one use, removable walls and connecting indoor and outdoor spaces helps make more efficient use of space. It also gives an impression of making small rooms more spacious.

miles sampson sustainable architecture

Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable development is one of the greatest challenges facing society today. Buildings account for over 40% of energy consumption in Ireland therefore responsible for a large amount CO2 production. As everybody worries about possible carbon taxes we must realise that CO2 reduction is only part of the necessary advancements to protect the environment. With the building sector using 50% of material resources and producing 50% of national waste it is imperative that architects and planners adopt sustaible design as a guiding factor in the creation of the built environment. Here we take a much more holistic approach to sustainable construction. It is not about just trying to reduce the energy consumption, it is about considering what buildings are made of, how much energy goes into making these materials and what will happen to them after they have finished being used in a building. Indoor air quality is considered and materials with harmful off gasses are avoided. More information on Sustainability

Here you can a few examples of sustainable architecture projects which Miles Samspon Architects has worked on:

euroSign building costs

Cost Awareness

By understanding how buildings are put together, what elements are expensive and how the construction industry works, contemporary ecological design can be achieved economically. More information on Cost Awareness.

Click here to find a building cost guide from the Royal Institute of Architects Ireland.