Project – Green View

Infill House in Garden Dublin designed y Miles Sampson architects firm Dublin
Dublin Eco House Design

This project is for an infill house in an established housing estate in Dublin City. Infill houses have long been recognised as a successful approach to sustainable development, because they utilize existing services and increase the population’s critical mass to improve existing infrastructure.

Lounge area at eco Infill house in Dublin

The design has maximised the favourable conditions of the site to provide a bright and spacious house. The main living room is located on the sunny side of the house with a bay window overlooking the green, where the retired owners can sit and watch the activities of the neighbourhood. The front door of the house has been located to the side to maximise the south facing façade for living space and entering the plan of the house centrally to keep circulation space to a minimum. The master bedroom is also located on the sunny side of the house. The house utilizes timberframe construction which allows substantially higher levels of insulation. The insulation used is cellulose recycled newspaper which reused a waste product and acts as a carbon sync.

Sedum Roof Dublin, green roofing is part of the sustainable design strategy at this ecological home in Dublin

Due to the restricted size of this urban site there was little room for a garden, so the roofs of the single storey elements were planted with Sedum mats. This did not just add more garden space, but also make the view out of the first floor windows even better and helped provide wildlife for birds and bees in the area.